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IoT Platform to augment Solar Tree as Smart Highway Street Light with Ambient Monitoring Capability
K. Kishore, B. Pesala, M. Santosh, , S.A. Akbar
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
The presented work describes an interconnected multi-server IoT network for monitoring and control of smart solar tree. The IoT enabled solar tree is introduced as a smart street light with air quality monitoring capability and has been implemented in the Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani. The presented network is a three-layer architecture with a sensor node at the lowermost layer for collecting the sensor data. The solar tree server above it performs the sampling of the data by triggering the software for sensor node. Upon successful data collection, the tree server communicates the same to the central server which is responsible for aggregation, visualization, storage, analysis and control of all the connected solar trees. The paper also discusses the implementation aspect of the network and presents the collected data from the solar tree. The presented IoT network aims for enhancing the capabilities of the solar tree beyond just a power generation device to an application such as security, surveillance, pollution monitoring and many more. At present, the work discussed is towards self-sustained street light with ambient monitoring capability. © 2019 IEEE.