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Investigations on reformed austenite in the microstructure of dissimilar super duplex/pipeline steel weld
W.N. Khan, S. Mahajan,
Published in Elsevier B.V.
Volume: 285
This work investigates the reformed austenite in the super duplex stainless /pipeline steel dissimilar weld, fabricated using gas tungsten arc welding process (GTAW) employing super duplex filler (ER 2594). Multi-pass weld was fabricated at a constant heat input of 0.51 kJ/mm. Super duplex filler 2594 solidifies in ferritic mode and has low cracking susceptibility due to a low level of (P + S) impurities. Upon the weld metal cooling below the ferrite solvus, the austenite precipitation occurs, starting from the grain boundaries. Investigation reveals precipitation of grain boundary (GBA), Widmanstatten (WA), and Intergranular (IGA) austenite along with the minor presence of partially transformed austenite (PTA) in sequential order. The temperature ranges and morphology of each precipitated austenite has been discussed. The reformed austenite influences the mechanical properties of weld significantly. Based on the characteristics of different austenite, their influence on properties can be established. High chromium concentration of weld establishes its superior pitting corrosion resistance. © 2020 Elsevier B.V.
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