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Investigation of local heat transfer from a flat plate impinged by an inclined circular jet
Published in Elsevier Masson s.r.l.
Volume: 184
Experiments are performed to study the influence of an oblique jet on convective heat transfer to a vertical heated plate. The local heat transfer coefficient is investigated parametrically for Reynolds numbers ranging from 10000 to 75000 and jet to plate spacing of 3–20 d for different inclinations of a jet in the range of 15°–75°. The experiments are carried out on a flat rectangular surface of 600 × 300 × 0.1 mm3, hit by a jet of 11.5 mm diameter, with air as the working fluid. The infrared technique is used to examine the temperature contours over the entire section of the test plate. The present investigation deals with the effect of inclination on cooling at different locations over the plate locally in all directions from the point of impingement. The effect of Reynolds number and jet to plate spacing due to inclined jet at different orientations on the longitudinal, lateral, and intercardinal axial location is studied. The study also focuses on the heat transfer phenomenon happening on the far side of the test plate. The correlation analysis is performed on the current experimental data. The local Nusselt number correlations for the inclined jet are suggested that predict the present experimental results as a function of the geometrical and flow parameters. © 2022 Elsevier Masson SAS
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