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Inverted pyramidal neurons in chimpanzee sensorimotor cortex are revealed by immunostaining with monoclonal antibody SMI-32
H.-X. Qi, , T.M. Preuss, J.H. Kaas
Published in
PMID: 10355883
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Pages: 49 - 56
We used the monoclonal antibody SMI-32 to label pyramidal cells of sensorimotor cortex in two chimpanzees. The majority of the pyramidal cells had typical vertically oriented apical dendrites that extended towards the pial surface. A small population of pyramidal cells varied from this orientation, so that the apical dendrites were 20°or more from radial, and were often inverted, extending away from the pial surface. When numbers of non-inverted and inverted pyramidal cells were compared, less than 1% were found to be inverted.
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JournalSomatosensory and Motor Research