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Influence of periplasmic oxidation of glucose on pyoverdine synthesis in Pseudomonas putida S11
P. Ponraj, , D. Ilakkiam, J. Rajendhran, P. Gunasekaran
Published in
PMID: 23392768
Volume: 97
Issue: 11
Pages: 5027 - 5041
Fluorescent pseudomonads catabolize glucose simultaneously by two different pathways, namely, the oxidative pathway in periplasm and the phosphorylative pathway in cytoplasm. This study provides evidence for the role of glucose metabolism in the regulation of pyoverdine synthesis in Pseudomonas putida S11. We have characterized the influence of direct oxidation of glucose in periplasm on pyoverdine synthesis in P. putida S11. We identified a Tn5 transposon mutant of P. putida S11 showing increased pyoverdine production in minimal glucose medium (MGM). This mutant designated as IST1 had Tn5 insertion in glucose dehydrogenase (gcd) gene. To verify the role of periplasmic oxidation of glucose on pyoverdine synthesis, we constructed mutants S11 Gcd- and S11 PqqF- by antibiotic cassette mutagenesis. These mutants of P. putida S11 with loss of glucose dehydrogenase gene (gcd) or cofactor pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis gene (pqqF) showed increased pyoverdine synthesis and impaired acid production in MGM. In minimal gluconate medium, the pyoverdine production of wild-type strain S11 and mutants S11 Gcd- and S11 PqqF- was higher than in MGM indicating that gluconate did not affect pyoverdine synthesis. In MGM containing PIPES-NaOH (pH 7.5) buffer which prevent pH changes due to gluconic acid production, strain S11 produced higher amount of pyoverdine similar to mutants S11 Gcd- and S11 PqqF -. Therefore, it is proposed that periplasmic oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid decreases the pH of MGM and thereby influences pyoverdine synthesis of strain S11. The increased pyoverdine synthesis enhanced biotic and abiotic surface colonization of the strain S11. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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