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Influence of Al addition on structural, crystallization and soft magnetic properties of DC Joule annealed FeCo based nanocrystalline alloys
P. Murugaiyan, A. Abhinav, R. Verma, A.K. Panda, , S. Baysakh, R.K. Roy
Published in Elsevier B.V.
Volume: 448
Pages: 66 - 74
The effect of minor Al addition on structural, crystallization, soft magnetic behaviour and magnetic field induced anisotropy through DC Joule annealing in (Fe53.95Co29.05)83Si1.3B11.7-xNb3Cu1Alx, (X = 0, 1) alloys has been studied. The Al added as-quenched melt spun ribbons show good glass forming ability, better thermo-physical properties like a high Tx1 of 438 °C, Tcam of 435 °C and Tcnc of 906 °C, compared to Tx1 of 389 °C, Tcam of 409 °C and Tcnc of 900 °C for the alloy without Al addition. The longitudinal magnetic field annealed Al added alloy exhibits low Hc of 12.92 A/m and maximum Ms. of 1.78 T. The better soft magnetic properties of Al added alloy are achieved through a high nucleation density of BCC-FeCo(Al) nanocrystallites having low K1 and λ values. The as-quenched alloys possess high magneto-strain exceeding 30 ppm and approach near zero value on nanocrystallization. The longitudinal magnetic field assisted DC Joule annealing, having current density (J) in the range of J = 20–25 A/mm2 promotes good magnetic softening due to precipitation of 5–35 nm nanocrystallites as explained by extended-random anisotropy model. The Al added alloy shows better magnetic field induced anisotropy (Ku) on nanocrystallization and shows visible change in the shape of hysteresis loop. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.
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