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Improvised broadcast algorithm for wireless networks
A. Goel,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Broadcasting problem is an important issue in the wireless networks, especially in dynamic wireless networks. In dynamic wireless networks the node density and mobility is high, due to which several problems arise during broadcasting. Two major problems faced are namely, Broadcast Storm Problem and Disconnected network problem. In a highly dense network, if information is being flooded in a loop, it could lead to broadcast storm. The broadcast storm may eventually crash the entire network and lead to loss of information. Mobility of the nodes may lead to the problem of Disconnected Network. If the two nodes sending and receiving information are mobile with different speeds, it could lead to a disconnection between them as soon as the receiver moves out of the communication range. In this paper, we are trying to solve both the problems based on our proposed algorithms. © 2015 IEEE.