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Improve the data retrieval time and security through fragmentation and replication in the cloud
W.D. Moral,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 539 - 545
Cloud computing being promising and emerging technology for the next generation of IT applications which provides the storage and supports for outsourcing of data without having the native copy of data or files. Cloud computing service providers require a system which can handle a large number of requests at a time and is needed to be highly available. Major issue faces in cloud computing is Security and data retrieval. In data security an important problem is to prevent illegal modifications and data loss. But, for this it requires either data replication or on-demand computation of a function over the entire contract out data. Generally system keeps multiple copies of the blocks of data on different nodes by replication. Another issue is retrieval of data, whereas in the cloud computing environment it becomes particularly serious because the data is located in different places even in the entire globe. Load on system may increase when there is high demand of a data. In this, the main focus is on the problems of security, replication and availability of data. The proposed system use a fragmentation and sole replication (FASR) concept in the cloud to improve the security and data retrieval time rather than using traditional cryptographic techniques. It fragments the file, place every single fragment in distinct node and perform sole replication that is every fragment is replicated only once, to provide security. Particularly selection of primary node is done through hotbed measure, selection of node and placement of other fragments is done through T-coloring technique, which limits tampering of data. Thereby improve retrieval time for easy accessing of the fragments for reconstruction of original file on user request. In this user can download, update and upload the file again. User can also request for required fragments and can update, upload it to cloud. Another automatic updating technique is proposed which allow uploading of only updated fragment in the cloud node. FASR concept provides security; save time and automatic updating technique reduce the resource utilized. Non-cryptographic nature makes the system even faster. © 2016 IEEE.