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High-performance fully depleted silicon nanowire (diameter ≤ 5 nm) gate-all-around CMOS devices
N. Singh, , L.K. Bera, T.Y. Liow, R. Yang, S.C. Rustagi, C.H. Tung, R. Kumar, G.Q. Lo, N. BalasubramanianShow More
Published in
Volume: 27
Issue: 5
Pages: 383 - 386
This paper demonstrates gate-all-around (GAA) n- and p-FETs on a silicon-on-insulator with ≤ 5-nm-diameter laterally formed Si nanowire channel. Alternating phase shift mask lithography and self-limiting oxidation techniques were utilized to form 140- to 1000-nm-long nanowires, followed by FET fabrication. The devices exhibit excellent electrostatic control, e.g., near ideal subthreshold slope (∼ 63 mV/dec), low drain-induced barrier lowering (∼ 10 mV/V), and with ION/IOFF ratio of ∼ 106. High drive currents of ∼ 1.5 and ∼ 1.0 mA/μm were achieved for 180-nm-long n- and p-FETs, respectively. It is verified that the threshold voltage of GAA FETs is independent of substrate bias due to the complete electrostatic shielding of the channel body. © 2006 IEEE.
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