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Godless, yet not lacking in divinity: Sexuality and religion in Updike’s couples
Published in Diacritic
Volume: 24
Pages: 105 - 114
The post-World War II period occasioned an atmosphere of paranoia which not only challenged the middle-class certitudes, but also destabilized their faith in God. John Updike’s Couples documents the American suburban middle-class, immersed in the sexual mirage of a post-pill paradise. This paper asserts that, despite the erosion of family structures, social stability and traditional middle-class culture that the excessive adultery of Updike’s characters ensue, their world can still hope for redemption. Contrary to the usual assumptions regarding debauched sexuality, this erosion of human values and morality can be viewed as a necessary design of divinity, heralding a new beginning. © 2018 Diacritic. All rights reserved.
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