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Gait recognition based online person identification in a camera network
A. Choudhary,
Published in Springer Verlag
Volume: 9008
Pages: 145 - 156
In this paper, we propose a novel online multi-camera framework for person identification based on gait recognition using Grassmann Discriminant Analysis. We propose an online method wherein the gait space of individuals are created as they are tracked. The gait space is view invariant and the recognition process is carried out in a distributed manner. We assume that only a fixed known set of people are allowed to enter the area under observation. During the training phase, multi-view data of each individual is collected from each camera in the network and their global gait space is created and stored. During the test phase, as an unknown individual is observed by the network of cameras, simultaneously or sequentially, his/her gait space is created. Grassmann manifold theory is applied for classifying the individual. The gait space of an individual is a point on a Grassmann manifold and distance between two gait spaces is the same as distance between two points on a Grassmann manifold. Person identification is, therefore, carried out on-the-fly based on the uniqueness of gait, using Grassmann discriminant analysis. © 2015, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.