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Fuzzy contrast mapping for image enhancement
A. Thakur,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 549 - 552
Human visual system appeases by a good contrast Images. Image enhancement techniques are best solution for improving the visual appearance of images to a human viewer. It also preserves the structure features of the image. Enhancement of the noisy image data without losing any significant information is very challenging. There are many uncertainties involved while capturing image and the performance of image enhancement varies with subject. It is well established that Fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets are very good at handling many uncertainties. The application of fuzzy theory to improve contrast of low contrast image is area of recent interest. To investigate and establish the application of fuzzy theory for enhancing a low contrast image, we propose a fuzzy based contrast enhancement of gray level images. Our experiment asserts that the proposed method has better performance than conventional methods. The image quality of the system has been evaluated based on visual appearance, peak signal to noise ratio and entropy. © 2015 IEEE.