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Flow behavior of alumnium-15% boron carbide composite by differential strain rate compression test
S. Gangolu, A.G. Rao, N. Prabhu, V.P. Deshmukh,
Published in International Committee on Composite Materials
Volume: 2013-July
Pages: 3212 - 3220
Compressive flow behavior of hot-rolled (64% reduction in thickness) Al and Al-15% B4C composite was studied over the temperature and strain rate ranges of 25-500 °C and 10-4-1 s-1, respectively, in longitudinal (LT) and transverse (TD) directions. It was found that athermal region (i.e. temperature-independent region) in aluminum becomes less prominent upon reinforcing with 15% B4C particulates. The apparent stress exponent n' was found to vary between 10 to 30. It was also found that the stress exponent values could reduce to n = 5 upon subtracting the threshold stress from applied stress. Microstructural variation in aluminum was studied by EBSD and correlated with its flow behavior. © QinetiQ Ltd 2013.
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JournalICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials
PublisherInternational Committee on Composite Materials