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Face Verification via Learned Representation on Feature-Rich Video Frames
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 12
Issue: 7
Pages: 1686 - 1698
Abundance and availability of video capture devices, such as mobile phones and surveillance cameras, have instigated research in video face recognition, which is highly pertinent in law enforcement applications. While the current approaches have reported high accuracies at equal error rates, performance at lower false accept rates requires significant improvement. In this paper, we propose a novel face verification algorithm, which starts with selecting feature-rich frames from a video sequence using discrete wavelet transform and entropy computation. Frame selection is followed by representation learning-based feature extraction, where three contributions are presented: 1) deep learning architecture, which is a combination of stacked denoising sparse autoencoder (SDAE) and deep Boltzmann machine (DBM); 2) formulation for joint representation in an autoencoder; and 3) updating the loss function of DBM by including sparse and low rank regularization. Finally, a multilayer neural network is used as the classifier to obtain the verification decision. The results are demonstrated on two publicly available databases, YouTube Faces and Point and Shoot Challenge. Experimental analysis suggests that: 1) the proposed feature-richness-based frame selection offers noticeable and consistent performance improvement compared with frontal only frames, random frames, or frame selection using perceptual no-reference image quality measures and 2) joint feature learning in SDAE and sparse and low rank regularization in DBM helps in improving face verification performance. On the benchmark Point and Shoot Challenge database, the algorithm yields the verification accuracy of over 97% at 1% false accept rate whereas, on the YouTube Faces database, over 95% verification accuracy is observed at equal error rate. © 2005-2012 IEEE.
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