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Extremely high strength and work hardening ability in a metastable high entropy alloy
, M. Frank, K. Liu, R.S. Mishra, B.A. McWilliams, K.C. Cho
Published in Nature Publishing Group
PMID: 29967441
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Design of multi-phase high entropy alloys uses metastability of phases to tune the strain accommodation by favoring transformation and/or twinning during deformation. Inspired by this, here we present Si containing dual phase Fe42Mn28Co10Cr15Si5 high entropy alloy (DP-5Si-HEA) exhibiting very high strength (1.15 GPa) and work hardening (WH) ability. The addition of Si in DP-5Si-HEA decreased the stability of f.c.c. (γ) matrix thereby promoting pronounced transformation induced plastic deformation in both as-cast and grain refined DP-5Si-HEAs. Higher yet sustained WH ability in fine grained DP-5Si-HEA is associated with the uniform strain partitioning among the metastable γ phase and resultant h.c.p. (ϵ) phase thereby resulting in total elongation of 12%. Hence, design of dual phase HEAs for improved strength and work hardenability can be attained by tuning the metastability of γ matrix through proper choice of alloy chemistry from the abundant compositional space of HEAs. © 2018 The Author(s).
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JournalScientific Reports
PublisherNature Publishing Group