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Exploring bio-inspired self-organization for developing emergent intelligence in urban super organism
S. Mukherjee,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 3
Pages: 9 - 16
Modern urban areas constitute of rich mix of mobile user devices enabled with sensors and capability of being continuously connected to existing social networking infrastructure. In future the cities can act as single sociotechnical super-organism with capability to generate large scale adaptive urban dynamics expressing various forms of urban intelligence. Such an advanced situation-aware super organism will be difficult to manage with traditional approaches and there is a need for innovative mechanisms for coordination in such open, unpredictable and dynamic pervasive environment. In this paper we propose a novel unified model of bio-inspired mechanism for modeling spatially situated pervasive computing scenarios and exploring emergence of self-adaptive behaviors in individuals within urban super organism. Simulation results demonstrate efficacy of the proposed approach. © 2014 IEEE.