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Event triggered control of singularly perturbec linear system based on its slow and fast model
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 791 - 796
In this paper, we consider the event triggered control of the singularly perturbed linear system, where the communication between sensor and the controller/actuator is through a digital communication network and the transmission is based on some state dependent criterion. The models of slow and fast subsystems of the plant are added at the controller and are used for the estimation of states between the transmission times. Whenever the difference between estimated and actual states exceeds a certain threshold, controller is updated with the actual states of the plant provided by the sensor. This effectively reduces the communication frequency. The stability properties of overall closed loop system is studied and it is found that for sufficiently small value of singular perturbation parameter, system attains practical stability and by adequately selecting trigger function parameters, asymptotic stability is also achieved. A numerical example is shown to illustrate the results of the paper. © 2017 IEEE.