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Enantioselective enolate protonation in sulfamichael addition to r-substituted n-acryloyloxazolidin-2-ones with bifunctional organocatalyst
, V.K. Singh
Published in
Volume: 13
Issue: 24
Pages: 6520 - 6523
Organocatalytic conjugate addition of thiols to R-substituted N-acryloyloxazolidin-2-ones followed by asymmetric protonation has been studied in the presence of cinchona alkaloid derived thioureas. Both of the enantiomers are accessible with the same level of enantioselectivity using pseudoenantiomeric quinine/quinidine derived catalysts. The addition/protonation products have been converted to useful biologically active molecules. ©2011 American Chemical Society.
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