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Electrical and thermo-mechanical analysis of beam recovery system for megawatt power gyrotron
R. Bhattacharya, N.K. Sahu, , H. Khatun, A.K. Sinha
Published in
Volume: 88
Issue: 4
Pages: 253 - 257
The paper presents the electrical and thermo-mechanical design of single stage beam recovery system for 120 GHz, 1 MW gyrotron. The electrical study shows that the cylindrical shape single stage beam recovery system enhances the efficiency by 66.26%. The maximum power deposited to collector in depressed collector operation is 0.48 MW for electronic efficiency, 30% and 1.44 MW for DC electron beam. The thermo-mechanical analysis has been performed to evaluate the water cooling system. The cooling system has capability of accommodating a peak wall loading, 0.9 kW/cm2 at flow rate of 1500 l/min for safe operating time, 60 ms. Further, a high voltage analysis is also carried out to appraise the electric field distribution in the collector. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.
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