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Effect of surface roughness & polymeric additive on nucleate pool boiling at subatmospheric pressures
, R.K. Verma, M.P.S. Ramani, S.P. Mahajan
Published in
Volume: 13
Issue: 5
Pages: 503 - 514
This investigation pertains to boiling heat transfer from a submerged flat surface at subatmospheric and atmospheric pressures in the presence of hydroxy ethyl cellulose (HEC) as a polymeric additive in small doses. Boiling was carried out in presence of the additive on smooth and rough aluminium surfaces having effective cavity size within the range as predicted by Hsu model and the pressure was kept in the range of 8 - 100 KN/sq.m (abs). Effects of surface roughness, saturation pressure and polymer concentration on boiling heat transfer were studied and the results were compared with Rohsenow's correlation. © 1986.
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JournalInternational Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer