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Effect of plating on consolidation of commercially pure titanium powders
R. Thyagarajan, G.M.D. Cantin, C.J. Bettles, N.A. Stone,
Published in
Volume: 17
Issue: SUPPL 2
Pages: S85 - S89
Blending of elemental powders is a common powder metallurgical processing route to produce titanium alloys designed to meet the required properties. An alternative to blending is coating the base titanium powders with specific metal ions by an electroless route to maximise advantages associated with homogeneous coating. In this work, Ni-P is being used as the coating material, to coat hydrogenated/dehydrogenated titanium powders. The particle size distribution of uncoated and coated powders was used to explain the change in tap density. A diametrical compression test was carried out to evaluate green strength of the particles when consolidated before and after coating. © W. S. Maney & Son Ltd. 2013.
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