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Effect of nano-materials on asphalt concrete mixes; a case study
A. Saha, , S. Biswas
Published in Institute for Transport Studies in the European Economic Integration
Issue: 65
Primary constituents of bituminous concrete are coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, binder and additive (optional). The basic properties of these constituents govern the characteristics of the bituminous mix (viz. stability, durability, temperature, stress and rutting resistance). When the basic properties of the core material are below-graded, the bituminous concrete mix fail to meet the required standard. One of the feasible solution to overcome this problem is the use of additives in order to improve the properties of bituminous mix. In this study, locally available poor quality stone aggregate and asphalt were treated with liquid Nano-material, zycosoil. The bituminous concrete prepared using Zycosoil treated stone aggregate and bitumen, yield better results compared to mix prepared with locally available conventional materials. Moreover, when zycosoil was added with bitumen as 0.5% of the weight of bitumen, the bituminous mixture gave superior results in terms of stability, rutting and temperature resistance. Apart from the improved performance, bituminous macadam prepared using zycosoil modified stone and asphalt was found to be economical.
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JournalEuropean Transport - Trasporti Europei
PublisherInstitute for Transport Studies in the European Economic Integration