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Effect of mechanical and electrical behavior of gelatin hydrogels on drug release and cell proliferation
D. Biswal, B. Anupriya, K. Uvanesh, A. Anis, , K. Pal
Published in Elsevier Ltd
PMID: 26327452
Volume: 53
Pages: 174 - 186
The present study was aimed to explore the effect of the mechanical and the electrical properties of the gelatin hydrogels on the mammalian cell proliferation and drug release properties. FTIR analysis of the hydrogels suggested that gelatin retained its secondary protein structure. A decrease in the diffusion constant of the water molecules was observed with the increase in the gelatin concentration in the hydrogels. The mechanical and the electrical stabilities of the hydrogels were enhanced with the increase in the gelatin content. Stress relaxation and creep studies were modeled using Weichert and Burger[U+05F3]s models, respectively. The relaxation time (stress relaxation study) did not follow a concentration-dependent relationship and was found to affect the MG-63 cell (human osteoblast) proliferation. The impedance profile of the hydrogels was modeled using a (RQ)Q model. Release of ciprofloxacin from the hydrogels was inversely dependent on the rate of swelling. The release of the drug was not only dependent on the Fickian diffusion but also on the relaxation process of the gelatin chains. The inhomogeneous constant of the constant phase element representing the hydrogel-electrode interface indicated improved cell proliferation rate with a decrease in the inhomogeneous constant. In gist, the rate of cell proliferation could be related to the relaxation time (stress relaxation) and the inhomogeneous constant of the sample-electrode constant phase element (electrical study) properties, whereas, the drug release properties can be related to the bulk resistance of the formulations. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.
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