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Effect of Annealing on Resistive Switching Behavior of PMMA Based RRAM
I. Varun, D. Bharti, A.K. Mahato, V. Raghuwanshi,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
A PMMA based Ag/PMMA/Ti/Glass RRAM devices are reported for their resistive switching behavior. Switching performance was tested on three samples fabricated at different PMMA annealing temperatures. The switching voltages have shown a down trend with increasing annealing temperature. The Current on/off ratio and retention time also degrades with annealing temperature. The devices exhibited significantly low switching voltages (<1 V) and retention time upto 103 s. Annealing of PMMA at higher temperatures may result in softening of films resulting in lower switching voltages due to defects generation and easy charge migration. The conduction mechanism has been investigated by double log plot of I-V characteristics of device suggesting ohmic conduction at lower voltages in in HRS and in LRS. At higher voltages in HRS, space charge limited conduction dominates the conduction mechanism. © 2018 IEEE.