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Dual-loop motion control for geometric errors and joint clearances compensation of a planar 2-PRP+1-PPR manipulator
S. Mohan, , M. Huesing, B. Corves
Published in Springer Netherlands
Volume: 52
Pages: 171 - 180
The existence of geometric errors (misalignment and kinematic errors) and joint clearances is an inherent problem in manipulators. In addition, friction between surfaces and gear backlash errors are unavoidable factors in manipulators using geared motors as their joint actuators. This paper presents a potential solution for the above issues through the application of a dual-loop control scheme. The proposed control scheme uses a redundant feedback strategy, i.e., individual joint displacements (at the joint space level) and, end-effector positions and orientation (at the task space level) are obtained as a feedback signal using appropriate sensors. Using this redundant feedback information, the actual error of the joint displacements are computed and rectified the desired joint space trajectory in joint-space trajectory tracking control to achieve the desired task space trajectory. To demonstrate the effectiveness and show overall performance of the controllers, real-time experiments are performed on an in-house fabricated 2-PRP+1-PPR planar parallel manipulator. The experiment results show that the manipulator tracking performance is significantly improved with the proposed dual-loop control scheme. In addition, the controller parameter sensitivity and robustness analyses are performed. © Springer International Publishing AG 2018.
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