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Discriminative ensemble learning for few-shot chest x-ray diagnosis
, Y.-X. Tang, T.C. Shen, R.M. Summers
Published in Elsevier B.V.
PMID: 33264714
Volume: 68
Few-shot learning is an almost unexplored area in the field of medical image analysis. We propose a method for few-shot diagnosis of diseases and conditions from chest x-rays using discriminative ensemble learning. Our design involves a CNN-based coarse-learner in the first step to learn the general characteristics of chest x-rays. In the second step, we introduce a saliency-based classifier to extract disease-specific salient features from the output of the coarse-learner and classify based on the salient features. We propose a novel discriminative autoencoder ensemble to design the saliency-based classifier. The classification of the diseases is performed based on the salient features. Our algorithm proceeds through meta-training and meta-testing. During the training phase of meta-training, we train the coarse-learner. However, during the training phase of meta-testing, we train only the saliency-based classifier. Thus, our method is first-of-its-kind where the training phase of meta-training and the training phase of meta-testing are architecturally disjoint, making the method modular and easily adaptable to new tasks requiring the training of only the saliency-based classifier. Experiments show as high as ∼19% improvement in terms of F1 score compared to the baseline in the diagnosis of chest x-rays from publicly available datasets. © 2020
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