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Differential response of dwarf and tall tropical wheat cultivars to elevated ozone with and without carbon dioxide enrichment: Growth, yield and grain quality
, R. Rai, S.B. Agrawal
Published in
Volume: 145
Pages: 21 - 32
In past few years, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and tropospheric ozone (O3) have increased due to anthropogenic activities. CO2 enhances the plant growth and surface level of O3 is a well-known phyto-toxic pollutant. Present study was conducted to assess the impact of elevated levels of CO2 and O3, singly and in combination on two wheat cultivars HUW-37 and K-9107 on their growth, yield attributes and grain quality in open top chambers (OTCs). Wheat plants under elevated CO2 (EC) showed increment in growth parameters while exposure to elevated O3 (EO) showed an opposite trend than EC. In elevated CO2+O3 (ECO) exposure, elevated CO2 fully protected wheat cultivars against negative effects of O3. Yield parameters showed significant increase in EC followed by ECO and in EO, significant reductions in yield were noticed in both the cultivars. Protein and total free amino-acids decreased in grains of EC, ECO and EO in both the test cultivars. Total soluble sugars and starch contents in grains increased due to EC and ECO and decreased in EO, however reducing sugars showed an opposite trend in both the cultivars. The yield data obtained from the experiment showed cultivar specific response as cultivar HUW-37 proved to be sensitive as compared to K-9107 against ambient and elevated levels of O3. The study also concludes that elevated CO2 nullified the negative impact of elevated O3 in both the test cultivars of wheat. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.
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