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Detection of power quality events associated with grid integration of 100kW solar PV plant
O.P. Mahela,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
This paper presents a technique for the detection and localization of the power quality events associated with outage and grid synchronization of solar photovoltaic plant in distribution network. A standard IEEE 13 bus distribution network has been modified by adding 100kW solar photovoltaic plant. The proposed test system is simulated in MATLAB/simulink environment. Voltage signals captured at nodes of the test system are used for power quality analysis. The harmonic detection has been carried out using fast Fourier transform and the voltage sag, swell has been detected by voltage index calculated based on wavelet analysis. The unbalance in the voltage has been detected by sequence components of voltages. The power quality events associated with sudden change in the solar insolation have also been investigated. Detection and discrimination of synchronization, outage and sudden changes in solar insolation has been proposed using sequence components of voltages measured. © 2015 IEEE.