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Design and pull-in voltage optimization of series metal-to-metal contact RF MEMS switch
M. Angira, G.M. Sundram,
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This paper presents the design, analysis and simulation of metal-to metal contact series rf-MEMS switch for its pull-in voltage optimization. Fixed fixed flexure is used as a switching element and the Pull-in voltage is optimized for generating a force to obtain a stable contact resistance. Au is used as the contact material. The simulated value of the pull-in voltage (V pi) is approximately 10.20 V. At the pull-in voltage the area occupied under contact is 8.89 m 2 and the value of contact force is 1.84 N. The switch pull-in voltage value is optimized at a value of 23 V giving contact area of 924 m 2 and contact force of 31.55 N. © 2012 IEEE.
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Journal2012 International Conference on Computing, Communication and Applications, ICCCA 2012