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Design and comparison of lossless polyphase decomposition using filter bank for onboard digital signal processing payload
K.K. Wadiwala, J.S. Padalia, N. Mishra,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 2407 - 2412
The M-channel transmultiplexer's for geo communication satellite are design and simulation in this paper. The mathematical description has been discussed in detail. Modified Discrete Fourier Transform(MDFT) and andcosined Discrete Transform(DCT) have chosen for advanced communication satellite. MDFT and DCT provide perfect reconstruction. The theory of filter bank satisfying the perfect reconstruction using proto FIR filter of length N= 2∗M∗m+1; where M = No. of channel. A new set of objective functions has been derived to satisfy the transmultiplexer's requirements based on these approaches. This work is done under the technology development program of ISRO. In this paper a comparison of the MDFT and DCT approaches are also described. © 2018 IEEE.