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Design and characterization of multi-layer Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) slot coupler
R. Tiwari, , A. Biswas
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In this paper, a detailed characterization of multilayer compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) series-series slot coupler is presented. Behavior of coupling slots for a range of tilt angle, frequencies and resonant length are presented. The proposed design principle has been described with the help of the characterization results of the double layered cross coupled SIW slot coupler. An application of the proposed SIW coupler as 1 to 2 power divider is also presented. The multilayer behavior and SIW technique make the structure compact which occupies less space as compared to traditional power dividers. The proposed design works for the bandwidth of 474 MHz (4.65% for -20 dB) and can be used as a feeding network for the SIW based waveguide slot array antenna. © 2015 EurAAP.