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Depth estimation from single image using Defocus and Texture cues
V. Srikakulapu, , S. Gupta, K.S. Venkatesh
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
As imaging is a process of 2D projection of a 3D scene, the depth information is lost at the time of image capture from conventional camera. This depth information can be inferred back from a set of visual cues present in the image. In this work, we present a model that combines two monocular depth cues namely Texture and Defocus. Depth is related to the spatial extent of the defocus blur by assuming that more an object is blurred, the farther it is from the camera. At first, we estimate the amount of defocus blur present at edge pixels of an image. This is referred as the Sparse Defocus map. Using the sparse defocus map we generate the full defocus map. However such defocus maps always contain hole regions and ambiguity in depth. To handle this problem an additional depth cue, in our case texture has been integrated to generate better defocus map. This integration mainly focuses on modifying the erroneous regions in defocus map by using the texture energy present at that region. The sparse defocus map is corrected using texture based rules. The hole regions, where there are no significant edges and texture are detected and corrected in sparse defocus map. We have used region wise propagation for better defocus map generation. The accuracy of full defocus map is increased with the region wise propagation. © 2015 IEEE.