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Demo: HAMS: Driver and driving monitoring using a smartphone
A.U. Nambi, S. Bannur, I. Mehta, H. Kalra, A. Virmani, V.N. Padmanabhan, , B. Raman
Published in Association for Computing Machinery
Pages: 840 - 842
Road safety is a major public health issue the world over. Many studies have found that the primary factors responsible for road accidents center on the driver and her/his driving. Hence, there is the need to monitor driver's state and her/his driving, with a view to providing effective feedback. Our proposed demo is of HAMS, a windshield-mounted, smartphone-based system that uses the front camera to monitor the driver and back camera to monitor her/his driving behaviour. The objective of HAMS is to provide ADAS-like functionality with low-cost devices that can be retrofitted onto the large installed base of vehicles that lack specialized and expensive sensors such as LIDAR and RADAR. Our demo would show HAMS in action on an Android smartphone to monitor the state of the driver, specifically such as drowsiness, distraction and gaze, and vehicle ranging, lane detection running on pre-recorded videos from drives. © 2018 Association for Computing Machinery.