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Deformation behavior of an Al-3.37 Wt Pct Li alloy
A. Thakur, , M.K. Malik
Published in Minerals, Metals and Materials Society
Volume: 27
Issue: 8
Pages: 2274 - 2284
Al-3.37 wt pet Li alloy was deformed by differential strain rate and constant initial strain rate test techniques to investigate deformation and failure behavior over the strain rate range of 10-5 to 10-2 s-1 and the temperature range of 22 °C to 580 °C. Flow stress first increases then decreases with an increase in test temperature, whereas ductility shows a sigmoidal relationship with the test temperature. The maximum ductility of about 80 pet is obtained at intermediate strain rate and 550 °C. Failure is noted to occur by cavity interlinkage and crack formation. Strain rate sensitivity (m) and activation energy (Q) for deformation are determined to be 0.04 to 0.13 and 96.2 to 157.4 kJ/mol, respectively. Toward lower test temperatures, both the m and Q are found to have lower values. Deformation at high temperature is suggested to be controlled by dislocation climb. However, under non-steady-state conditions due to cavitation, m and Q both vary with strain.
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JournalMetallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science
PublisherMinerals, Metals and Materials Society