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Deep transfer learning with ontology for image classification
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Purely, data-driven large scale image classification has been achieved using various feature descriptors like SIFT, HOG etc. Major milestone in this regards is Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) based methods which learn optimal feature descriptors as filters. Little attention has been given to the use of domain knowledge. Ontology plays an important role in learning to categorize images into abstract classes where there may not be a clear visual connect between category and image, for example identifying image mood-happy, sad and neutral. Our algorithm combines CNN and ontology priors to infer abstract patterns in Indian Monument Images. We use a transfer learning based approach in which, knowledge of domain is transferred to CNN while training (top down transfer) and inference is made using CNN prediction and ontology tree/priors (bottom up transfer). We classify images to categories like Tomb, Fort and Mosque. We demonstrate that our method improves remarkably over logistic classifier and other transfer learning approach. We conclude with a remark on possible applications of the model and note about scaling this to bigger ontology. © 2015 IEEE.