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Davydov splitting, resonance effect and phonon dynamics in chemical vapor deposition grown layered MoS2
D. Kumar, B. Singh, R. Kumar, , P. Kumar
Published in IOP Publishing Ltd
PMID: 33784661
Volume: 32
Issue: 28
We present comprehensive temperature dependent Raman measurements for chemical vapor deposition grown horizontally aligned layered MoS2 in a temperature range of 4–330 K under a resonance condition. Our analysis of temperature dependent phonon frequency shift and linewidth suggests a finite role of three and four phonon anharmonic effect. We observe Davydov splitting of the out-of-plane (A1g) and in-plane (E21g) modes for both three layer (3L) and few layer (FL) systems. The number of Davydov splitting components are found more in FL compared to 3L MoS2, which suggests that it increases with an increasing number of layers. Further, Davydov splitting is analyzed as a function of temperature. Temperature evaluation of the Raman spectra shows that the Davydov splitting, especially for A1g mode, is very strong and well resolved at low temperature. We observe that A1g mode shows the splitting at low temperature, while E21g mode is split even at room temperature, which suggests a prominent role of A1g mode in the interlayer interaction at low temperature. Further, an almost 60-fold increase in the intensity of the phonon modes at low temperature clearly shows the temperature dependent tuning of the resonance effect. © 2021 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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