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Compact modeling of nonquasi-static effect in bulk MOSFETs for RF circuit design in sub-THz regime
N. Mohamed, , C. Gupta, Y.S. Chauhan
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
An accurate physics-based lumped-circuit model, representing the nonquasi-static effect and the distributed polygate electrode resistance in bulk MOSFET is proposed. In our approach, an improved physical equivalent circuit capturing NQS effect is developed by using pole-zero compensation technique. The new model takes into account the inherent delay in the response of channel charges to the applied voltage. The proposed model is implemented in BSIM6 MOSFET model, and it is validated with Y-parameter data obtained from technology computer-aided design device simulations. The proposed model is in very good agreement with the device data up to 50/t, which ensures that it is suitable for most RF applications over any other computationally complex compact models. © 2016 IEEE.