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Committee selection with multimodal preferences
, N. Talmon
Published in IOS Press BV
Volume: 325
Pages: 123 - 130
We study committee selection with multimodal preferences: Assuming a set of candidates A, a set of voters V, and layers, where each voter v V has ordinal preferences over the alternatives for each layer separately, the task is to select a committee S A of size k. We discuss applications of our model and study the computational complexity of several generalizations of known committee scoring rules (specifically, k-Borda and Chamberlin-Courant) to our setting, as well as discuss domain restrictions for our model. While most problems we encounter are computationally intractable in general, we nevertheless design efficient algorithms for certain cases. © 2020 The authors and IOS Press.
About the journal
JournalFrontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
PublisherIOS Press BV