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Collision attack on 4-branch, type-2 GFN based hash functions using sliced biclique cryptanalysis technique
M. Agrawal, D. Chang, M. Ghosh,
Published in Springer Verlag
Volume: 8957
Pages: 343 - 360
In this work, we apply the sliced biclique cryptanalysis technique to show 8-round collision attack on a hash function H based on 4-branch, Type-2 Generalized Feistel Network (Type-2 GFN). This attack is generic and works on 4-branch, Type-2 GFN with any parameters including the block size, type of round function, the number of S-boxes in each round and the number of SP layers inside the round function. We first construct a 8-round distinguisher on 4-branch, Type-2 GFN and then use this distinguisher to launch 8-round collision attack on compression functions based on Matyas-Meyer-Oseas (MMO) and Miyaguchi-Preneel (MP) modes. The complexity of the attack on 128- bit compression function is 256. The attack can be directly translated to collision attack on MP and MMO based hash functions and pseudocollision attack on Davies-Meyer (DM) based hash functions. When the round function F is instantiated with double SP layer, we show the first 8 round collision attack on 4-branch, Type-2 GFN with double SP layer based compression function. The previous best attack on this structure was a 6-round near collision attack shown by Sasaki at Indocrypt’12. His attack cannot be used to generate full collisions on 6-rounds and hence our result can be regarded the best so far in literature on this structure. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.