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Cell free ascitic fluid prevents loss of cell surface sialic acid from Zajdela Ascitic Hepatoma cells in culture.
, C. Sudhakar, M.R. Das
Published in
PMID: 7590850
Volume: 32
Issue: 3
Pages: 113 - 118
In the Zajdela Ascitic Hepatoma (ZAH), a rat tumor, high levels of cell surface sialic acid residues are present which masked the immunogenicity of the cells. We have shown here that cell surface sialic acid level goes down rapidly when ZAH cells are put in culture. The reduction in surface sialic acid levels is due to a decrease in sialic acid residues on the major sialylated glycoprotein, gp 120, as well as a decrease in gp 120 polypeptide. The loss of sialic acid from the cultured cells is reduced if the cells are cultured in the presence of cell free ascitic fluid from ZAH tumor.
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JournalIndian journal of biochemistry & biophysics