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BSIM6 - Benchmarking the next-generation MOSFET model for RF applications
A. Dutta, S. Sirohi, T. Ethirajan, , Y.S. Chauhan, R.Q. Williams
Published in
Pages: 421 - 426
BSIM6 is the new Compact Model Coalition (CMC) standard bulk MOSFET model. It offers excellent fitting capability, accurate RF/analog simulations, and similar implementation features of the small dimension effects as included in the popular BSIM4 model. These features make BSIM6 a very desirable candidate for future nano-MOSFET simulations. In this work we evaluate the capabilities of the model and perform benchmark tests to assess the strengths of the model. Bulk 90nm technology MOSFET data is used to extract BSIM6 for analog/RF specific applications. Industry standard benchmark tests have been performed and results shown against the hardware data (where applicable). The model is found to correlate very well with hardware data and passes all important model quality benchmark tests for analog/RF applications. © 2014 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on VLSI Design