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BSIM-IMG: Advanced Model for FDSOI Transistors with Back Channel Inversion
, P. Kushwaha, A. Dasgupta, M. Y-Kao, T. Morshed, G. Workman, K. Shanbhag, X. Li, V. Vinothkumar, Y.S. ChauhanShow More
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
FDSOI devices are prominently used in low power circuits and high frequency domains due to their superior RF and analog performance, thanks to back-bias capability and relatively ease of transistor design over FinFETs and planar bulk transistors. BSIM-IMG is the industry standard compact model for simulating FDSOI devices. In this work, we will discuss recent enhancements made in the BSIM-IMG model for accurate modeling of the FDSOI transistors. The back gate inversion is more physically modeled in the latest BSIM-IMG model. We will present a new 1/f noise model, which is validated with the experimental data. Improved output conductance, mobility and gate current models are also discussed. All the enhancements are done in such a way that benchmark RF figure of merit are met. © 2020 IEEE.