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Bio-inspired distributed sensing using a self-organizing sensor network
I. Sreedevi, S. Mankhand, , A. Bhattacharyya
Published in Hindawi Limited
Volume: 2013
Nature offers several examples of self-organizing systems that automatically adjust to changing conditions without adversely affecting the system goals. We propose a self-organizing sensor network that is inspired from real-life systems for sampling a region in an energy-efficient manner. Mobile nodes in our network execute certain rules by processing local information. These rules enable the nodes to divide the sampling task in a manner such that the nodes self-organize themselves to reduce the total power consumed and improve the accuracy with which the phenomena are sampled. The digital hormone-based model that encapsulates these rules, provides a theoretical framework for examining this class of systems. This model has been simulated and implemented on cricket motes. Our results indicate that the model is more effective than a conventional model with a fixed rate sampling. © 2013 Indu Sreedevi et al.
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JournalJournal of Engineering (United Kingdom)
PublisherHindawi Limited