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Barrier height inhomogeneities in InN/GaN heterostructure based Schottky junctions
B. Roul, T.N. Bhat, , M.K. Rajpalke, N. Sinha, A.T. Kalghatgi, S.B. Krupanidhi
Published in
Volume: 151
Issue: 20
Pages: 1420 - 1423
The electrical transport properties of InN/GaN heterostructure based Schottky junctions were studied over a wide temperature range of 200500 K. The barrier height and the ideality factor were calculated from currentvoltage (IV) characteristics based on thermionic emission (TE), and found to be temperature dependent. The barrier height was found to increase and the ideality factor to decrease with increasing temperature. The observed temperature dependence of the barrier height indicates that the Schottky barrier height is inhomogeneous in nature at the heterostructure interface. Such inhomogeneous behavior was modeled by assuming the existence of a Gaussian distribution of barrier heights at the heterostructure interface. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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