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Average power allocation based sum-rate optimization in massive MIMO systems
Suresh Dahiya, Anil Kumar,
Published in
Volume: 73
Issue: 11-12
Pages: 689 - 701
This paper exploits variations in the average channel gains in multi-cell multi-user massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems. An average transmit power-control-based sum-rate optimization scheme is presented for the uplink of the system. The matched filtering (MF) and the zero forcing (ZF) processors are considered with perfect and imperfect channel state information at receiver (CSIR) under frequency flat Rayleigh fading channel. An average power-control-based system model is constructed for analyzing the sum-rate and formulating an optimization problem. A discrete level combinatorial optimization is performed for MF and ZF sum-rate under perfect and imperfect CSIR. The numerical results show a significant improvement in the sum-rate and power consumption. A low complexity algorithm for numerical optimization of the sum-rate is proposed. The performance of algorithm is quantified with different scenarios including different number of users, macro cells and micro cells with low and high inter-cell interference powers. The evaluation results show that the improvement in sum-rate and energy efficiency increases with inter-cell interference power and the number of MTs.
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JournalAnnales des Telecommunications/Annals of Telecommunications