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Augmented paper system: A framework for User's Personalized Workspace
K. Bhardwaj, , S.D. Roy
Published in IEEE Computer Society
In this paper, we are presenting a framework for 'User's Personalized Workspace' by augmenting the physical paper and digital document. The paper based interactions are seamlessly integrated with digital document based interactions for reading as a activity. For instance when user is involved in reading activity, writing becomes complimentary. In a academic system, paper based presentation mode has facilitated such exercises. Despite rendering the annotation on digital document and store it onto the database, the content of the paper encircled or underlined is used to hyperlink the document. Synchronizing a physical paper and those of digital version in seamless fashion from a user's perspective is the main objective of this work. We have also compared the existing systems which focus on one activity or the other in our proposed system. © 2013 IEEE.