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Asymmetrie hydrovinylation of unactivated linear 1,3-dienes
, T.V. RajanBabu
Published in
PMID: 20163120
Volume: 132
Issue: 10
Pages: 3295 - 3297
(Figure Presented) Monosubstituted acyclic (E)-1,3-dienes undergo efficient hydrovinylation giving (Z)-3-alkylhexa-1,4-dienes upon treatment with catalytic amounts of bidentate phosphine-CoCl2 complexes {[P̃P](CoCl 2)} and Me3Al in an atmosphere of ethylene. The regioselectivity of the reaction (i.e., 1,4- or 1,2-addition) depends on the nature of the ligand and temperature at which the reaction is carried out. Complexes derived from (RR)-DIOP and (SS)-BDDP at -45 °C give very high enantioselectivities for several prototypical 1,3-dienes. In sharp contrast to the corresponding Ni(II)-catalyzed hydrovinylation, 1-aryl-substituted 1,3-dienes give almost exclusively achiral linear 1,4-addition products, unless the 2-position is also substituted. Solid-state structures of the precatalysts are presented. Copyright © 2010 American Chemical Society.
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