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Application of MultiCast Tree concept to cloud security with optimization algorithm for node search technique
N.B. Roy,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
This paper attempts to find an optimization algorithm to reduce number of iterations required for a node to be searched in a MultiCast Tee network. After effectively searching the node, it applies this technique in cloud computing, more exactly, cloud information security so that data is safely transferred from one user to another, without any hindrance. The basic idea to incorporate the concept of MultiCast Tree is because it always supports reliable transmission of information, if by any chance, there is a link failure, it does not reduce the availability of resources, nor does it increase any delay in transmission of information, and at the same time minimizes work load. Thus, we can effectively use it in cloud computing, which is nothing but provision of resources to a pool of users through some kind of an interface, for example, Internet. While monitoring the distributed foundation establishment of cloud computing, it becomes extremely important to take into consideration the security of the information provided by users. If we use a vast number of nodes or links, it becomes practically impossible to trace the reliability of transmission, and which might result in important information getting lost. Hence to avoid such a consequence, it becomes necessary to optimize the number of these links, so that it becomes easier to search them in a minimum amount of time. Our main attempt has been to optimize these links and effectively use it in a communication network which has characteristics of a MultiCast Tree incorporated in it. This not only helps in efficient use of cloud computing system, but also ensures users that their data is in safe hands. © 2015 IEEE.