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Aperiodic Metasurface for Broadband RCS Reduction
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In this paper, a straightforward design technique is presented for designing broadband, polarization-insensitive meta-surface for wideband radar cross-section (RCS) reduction. Two different unit cell structures, one dual resonance unit cell composed of a circular patch and circular loop and, a square patch are selected for enhancing the phase bandwidth and covering 2π range. Three different metasurfaces i.e.Triangular checkerboard metasurface, random triangular checkerboard metasurface and aperiodic metasurface are designed and characterized. Enhanced performance, both in terms of diffused reflection and wideband RCS reduction, is achieved by aperiodic metasurface compared to the other two metasurfaces. The proposed aperiodic metasurface significantly reduce the RCS for wide operational bandwidth and demonstrate features such as polarization insensitivity and low design complexity. © 2020 Indian Radio Science Society.