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Annotated crowd video face database
T.I. Dhamecha, P. Verma, M. Shah, ,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 106 - 112
Research in face recognition under constrained environment has achieved an acceptable level of performance. However, there is a significant scope for improving face recognition capabilities in unconstrained environment including surveillance videos. Such videos are likely to record multiple people within the field of view. Face recognition in such a setting poses a set of challenges including unreliable face detection, multiple subjects performing different actions, low resolution, and sensor interoperability. In general, existing video face databases contain one subject in a video sequence. However, real world video sequences are more challenging and generally contain more than one person in a video. Therefore, in this paper, we provide an annotated crowd video face (ACVF-2014) database, along with face landmark information to encourage research in this important problem. The ACVF-2014 dataset contains 201 videos of 133 subjects where each video contains multiple subjects. We provide two distinct use-case scenarios, define their experimental protocols, and report baseline verification results using OpenBR and FaceVACS. The results show that both the baseline results do not yield more than 0.16 genuine accept rate @ 0.01 false accept rate. A software package is also developed to help researchers evaluate their systems using the defined protocols. © 2015 IEEE.